Global vision

"The problem is smaller when wider is your perspective" (COMSA Delegation in Romania).

The companies that make up COMSA Corporación work with a global strategy based on exploiting synergies between the different business lines in order to provide an integral service for the customer with high added value solutions, in this way strengthening the group.

Customer focus

"The best advertising is done by satisfied customers" (Philip Kotler, economist). Quote provided by Raúl Marcos Micol, construction manager of COMSA.

COMSA Corporación focuses its efforts on meeting the needs of its customers with innovative solutions that exceed their expectations, offering an integral development of the project through the synergy of all the companies comprising the group’s business lines.

Results oriented

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" (Robert Collier, writer). Quote provided by Amparo Rosalen, construction administrative management of COMSA.

Its orientation towards achieving rigorous objectives is aimed at positioning COMSA Corporación as a leading group in the sector, ensuring efficient management of its businesses. Its extensive experience of over 100 years together with its commitment to technological innovation allows it to offer tangible added value to its customers and to the group as a whole.

Excellence and initiative

"Think, believe, dream and dare" (Walter Elias Disney, cartoonist). Quote provided by Marisol Martínez, HR technician of COMSA Corporación.

COMSA Corporación bases its excellence on the professionalism and talent of the team integrated within the group, which pursues a constant search for new business opportunities, as well as the commitment to implementing the best solutions, based on the specific needs of each customer, in order to execute projects with the highest standards of quality.

Human team

"A dedicated team will make your company does not have limits" (José Ramón Lorenzo Vicente, Management control of COMSA Industrial)

People are one of the main assets of all of the group companies. Their professionalism and talent allow COMSA Corporación to tackle any challenge and implement projects with rigour and quality. For this reason, the group develops the value of its human capital as a guarantee of collective success.

Innovation and technology

"Can the trains fly? COMSA" (Samuel Royo Calleja, Purchasing technician of COMSA Corporación)

The technological expertise of the group in the infrastructure and engineering sectors forms part of its value chain, making it a highly competitive asset. Its commitment to applied Research and Development allows COMSA Corporación to offer its customers advanced technological solutions and to anticipate their needs and improve the efficiency of their projects.

Responsibility to the environment

"Be the change that you want to see in the world"  (Mahatma Gandhi, lawyer and politician). Quote provided by Encarna Montoro, Purchasing administrative of COMSA Corporación.

A business group committed to society and the environment. With a clear commitment to social impact, it operates according to the principles of sustainability, integrity and accountability.