Bio&Pharma Solutions

COMSA Corporación has extensive experience in the design, construction and implementation of “turnkey” projects for the Bio&Pharma sector. 

As part of its service, COMSA Corporación provides its customers with specific equipment for different processes. These include the manufacture of liquid and semisolid forms (formulation and dispensing systems, tanks, reactors, transfer lines including filtration and treatment processes) and solid forms (fractionation systems, product transfer and transport and vertical development plants); specific air systems for critical operations (laminar flows, handling cabins, ventilated SAS and air showers); CIP/SIP sterilisation and cleaning systems; cold chain and thermal systems; decontamination systems, “in line” or “stand alone” biowaste and biological SAS; and automation, control and production monitoring systems.

The services offered include the installation of clean rooms (panelling and HVAC), critical process utilities (clean utilities) and non-critical utilities (black utilities).

In the field of critical process utilities the company’s activity is focussed on purified water (PW) pre-treatment, generating, storage and distribution systems, water for injection (WFI) and pure steam (PS), as well as sterile compressed air, vacuums, technical and laboratory gases and monitoring and control systems. With regard to non-critical utilities, it specialises in electricity supplies (high and low voltage), industrial steam, thermal fluids, hydraulic networks and centralised dust collection.

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