Industrial maintenance, wind power and biomass supply

Committed to a future clean of CO2

GdES Greentech has a portfolio of O&M service contracts of 190 MW
Maintenance of the Trucafort wind farm in Tarragona (Spain)
Asset management and maintenance supervision of the Lecrín, Zorrera and Tahuna wind farms in Andalusia (90MW) (Spain)
Maintenance of the Les Colladetes wind farm in El Perelló (Spain)

Operation and maintenance of wind farms

COMSA Corporación operates and maintains wind farms while also offering maintenance and repair services for wind turbine blades. The group is present in more than ten wind farms in Spain that produce around 266 MW of energy. Among the farms managed by COMSA Renovables are Colladetes and La Collada (Tarragona), Lecrines and Jaufil (Granada), and Tahuna and Zorreras (Cadiz). The company also operates and maintains the wind farms of Trucafort, Pebesa and Calobres (Tarragona), La Rabia (Cadiz) and Sierra Sesnández (Zamora).

Maintenance of solar plants

COMSA Corporación has extensive experience in the maintenance of photovoltaic solar plants. In addition, the group has invested more than 100 million euros in the development and construction of several photovoltaic farms that cover an area of 53 hectares and have an installed power of 13.7 MWp with an annual production of 22,800 MWh.

Construction of the Pilot Plant of Photovoltaic Generation San Juan (Argentina)
Installation of photovoltaic panels in industrial warehouses (Spain)
Supply of forest biomass to Northern Europe for thermal use
Supply of 3,000 tonnes of forest biomass for thermal use in Catalonia (Spain)
Hybrid solar thermal plant Borges (Spain)
Hybrid solar thermal plant Borges (Spain)
Hybrid solar thermal plant Borges (Spain)

Committed to bioenergy

COMSA Renovables is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Borges thermosolar plant and the supply of 85,000 t/year of forest-based biomass for energy recovery, in accordance with international PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and SBP (Sustainable Biomass Program) certification.

The company also guarantees the supply of biomass to cover industrial energy needs and offers its customers all its capacity in the execution of infrastructures and engineering to provide a comprehensive solution in the installation of energy valuation systems.